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Be Still My Heart Wax Melts

Be Still My Heart Wax Melts

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Add a warm and inviting ambiance to your home with our Be Still My Heart Wax Melts. Made from a natural coconut and soy wax blend, these melts are hand poured with love to ensure a non-toxic, smokeless and relaxing aroma that fills your space.

  • Sweet Caramel Vanilla Scent: Enjoy the sweet fragrance of caramel vanilla that lingers around for hours.
  • Household Candle: These wax melts are suitable for household use as they are smokeless.
  • Natural Material: Made from natural ingredients like Coconut and Soy, our Be Still My Heart Wax Melts emit no harmful toxins or chemicals.

Add these Be Still My Heart Wax Melts to your housewarming party or just enjoy the soothing aroma while relaxing in the comfort of your home. These calming wax melts are perfect for self-care nights or spending quality time with loved ones.

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